About EstiBot

EstiBot valuates domains based on over thirty internal and external domain attributes.

Internal attributes include such things as domain length, extension, word count and other characteristics directly linked to a specific domain. External attributes refer to third party data such as a domain's search popularity or type-in rank.

The characteristics of a specific domain name are then compared to those of previously sold domain names and the valuation is based on that comparison.

The service has been available since 2007 and now serves over 1.8 million valuations daily. EstiBot is the most well known and trusted automated domain appraisal service. It is used by registrars, parking providers, domain brokers and many other companies and individuals in the domain industry.

Use EstiBot to Your Advantage

More than anything, EstiBot is here to help you valuate your domain name. It will provide you with keyword data and domain registration information, and a ballpark valuation to give you a starting point for your own, critical appraisal of the domain name.

While EstiBot often hits the right ballpark, some estimates may be quite a bit off. Statistically, on an average, EstiBot is quite accurate, but individual appraisals can vary. An automatic valuator will never be able to account for everything, because a domain's value is not a scientific absolute, but depends on countless variables, the most important being the motivation of both the seller and the buyer.

About the Authors

Esa, the original creator of EstiBot is a member of the NamePros and DNForum communities and has two doctorate degrees, including a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. EstiBot's functions are based on the same rigorous principles that are used in scientific research. Domain valuation is not an exact science at all, but applying tried and tested scientific methods gives better results than arbitrary systems. That's why EstiBot, while of course not perfect, gives better results than any other automated domain appraisal system.

The service was redesigned and re-launched in the mid to late months of 2009 to provide more accurate valuations and accommodate enterprise level clients requiring high volume API access. The front end and back-end design and programming were completed by Luc Lezon while all algorithm and valuation specific tasks were completed by Esa.

The Technology Behind EstiBot

EstiBot gathers relevant keyword data based on the keywords in your domain name. The keyword data, along with other relevant information about the domain are then run through a complex mathematical model and semantic analysis. These data are then compared to previous related domain name sales. EstiBot then outputs the keyword data and EstiBot's own estimation of the current market value of your domain name in U.S. dollars or user specified currency.

How Accurate is EstiBot?

While neither automated nor human appraisals can never be completely reliable, an automated appraisal system can provide free, instant, on-demand data and a baseline for starting your own valuation of a domain name. Consider the EstiBot valuation a starting point for your own critical appraisal. You can get human input from such great forums as DNForum or NamePros. Before making any major business decisions, it is advisable to get a professional appraisal from EstiBot, SEDO or Moniker. In the end, no one can tell you for sure how valuable your domain name is: the final value depends on the motivation and deepness of pocket of both buyer and seller.