EstiBot users can now tap into our vast database using the newly available API interface. Instantly appraise, research and manipulate domains and keywords with a single API call.

The following services are currently supported via API calls, with more coming soon:

  • Appraisals
  • Domain Parsing
  • Keyword Parsing

Our API was built to scale, meaning that it supports both single and volume queries. Data returned is in custom XML format and is just as comprehensive as the data provided on our site. In some cases, the API data contains more results than we offer on our web site.

To ensure the highest level of quality, access to our API is granted only to paying customers, with limits set based on account level and user needs. Our API is capable of supporting millions of queries per day so users requiring high volume research can definitely be accommodated upon request.

Sample XML output (after clicking below, right click and select "View Source"):

Usage Details

The API query is a standard web get query which can be executed from PHP, HTML, Perl or any other language that supports pulling data from the internet.

There are three main components:

  1. Authentication component - Your EstiBot email and password
    • &email=ESTIBOTEMAIL
  2. Command component - The command you are trying to run (identified by &c=), valid commands include:
    • appraise - appraises a domain
    • research - researches a domain or keyword
    • extract - extracts domains from raw data
    • parse - parses out domains into words
  3. Data component - The data you are trying to process (identified by &t=)
    • Multiple domains or keywords should be separated with >> (ex: test.com>>sample.com)

Some sample URLs are provided below for your convenience.

Appraise "example.com"
Appraise "example.com, test.com, games.com"
Parse domains "fastcars.com,cheapcars.com" into words
Keyword search volume and bid for "example" (notice &type=keywords)
Keyword search volume and bid for "example.com" (notice &type=domains)

Daily Usage Reports

You can check your daily usage reports by clicking here.

High Volume Queries and other Metrics

We are now licensing the appraisal and scan technologies that power EstiBot. Our enterprise level appraiser and metric scanners are capable of scanning hundreds of thousands of domains daily.

The following technologies can be licensed at a fixed monthly fee with no per-query limits:

  • Appraiser (capable of appraising millions of domains daily)
  • Keyword Research (capable of extracting keyword and CPC data from various sources live)
  • Search Engine Scanner (capable of scanning hundreds of thousands of domains for various metrics including link popularity, search popularity, search volumes, ad counts, saturation, traffic rank, page rank and much more)
  • Whois Scanner (capable of scanning hundreds of thousands of domains in various extensions to extract full whois data)
  • Word and Domain Parsers
  • Trademark Scanners

More information is available in our enterprise services section.


Need help with the API?

Our staff is ready to assist you with any questions or problems you may have. Contact us!