User's Guide

The purpose of this guide is to detail some of our most popular features and to help you utilize EstiBot to its full potential. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. EstiBot Home Page
  3. Understanding the Scan Queue
  4. Appraising Domains
  5. Researching Domains and Keywords
  6. Checking Domain Availability
  7. Checking Whois Records
  8. Checking Domain Sales History
  9. Checking Advertiser Keyword Bids and Search Volumes
  10. Parsing Domains from Raw Data
  11. Parsing Keywords from Domains
  12. Applying Filters to Domain Lists
  13. Using the Instant Type-in Tool
  14. Converting IDNs
  15. Generating Domain Typos
  16. Generating Domains from Raw Lists
  17. Generating Domains using the Idea Tool
  18. Generating End-User Leads for Your Domains
  19. Using the Direct Match Network
  20. Business Locator
  21. Accessing Previous Reports
  22. EstiBot Affiliate Program
  23. Accessing EstiBot via API
  24. Glossary of Terms


The purpose of EstiBot is to provide the information and tools necessary to assess the value of domain names. All data is provided AS IS.

Please take a moment to explore the pages you visit while using Estibot – most pages have mouse over tooltips and various other features, including intuitive suggestions for your next actions. This guide provides a more in-depth look at what’s available and how to utilize the Estibot tools to their maximum potential.

In order to get the most out of the powerful tools, we recommend that you register for an account.

Another great reason to register is that you automatically become an affiliate and a member of the revolutionary Direct Match Network. The Direct Match Network is a novel interactive network connecting domain owners with buyers and vice versa. Read more about the Direct Match Network here.

Some general tips:

  • Most of the research results are presented in a tabular HTML view. Hover the mouse over the column titles to find out more about the information that column represents.
  • Options are available to instantly convert the results table into text in TSV (Tab Separated Values) format. You can also export the data to CSV (Comma Separated Values) or a TXT (plain text) file.
  • With the exception of the home page, there is a toolbar on top of each page to facilitate navigation to the most popular pages. On the left you have the Home icon, a text box to type the domain name/key words, Appraise, Research, Whois, the Tools and the star icon which takes you to your bulk scan queue and recent results. On the right is your user name, and links to Account information and Logout.
  • The footer has quick access links for Account, Tools, FAQ, Contact and Site-map.
  • Estibot can auto-detect most English keywords within a domain name.
  • The bulk tools can parse just about any input and extract valid domain names. All you need to do is copy-paste whatever content you have and the domain names will be automatically detected and analyzed.

EstiBot Home Page:

The EstiBot home page provides quick access to some of our most popular tools and features. You can instantly appraise domains, research keywords, check domain availability and whois and much more.

EstiBot was tested in FireFox. While we're constantly working to make it compatible with all browsers, we strongly recommend that you use FireFox until certain browser bugs are addressed (in particular, IE8).

The tab window allows you to input data in virtually any format. You can also paste in multiple items by clicking on the [+] symbol next to each button. The [+] symbol expands the view so that you can submit bulk lists.

In most cases, you may input data in any format and EstiBot will automatically parse out valid domain names.

To access all of the tools available on EstiBot click on the tools icon.

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Understanding the Scan Queue:

Single appraisals, research requests and whois queries are processed instantly and the results are displayed in your browser. Bulk submissions are also queued up live, but may require some processing time to complete.

In most cases, submitting a list of 50 or more items will result in a scan queue window shown below:

The scan queue window provides progress information on your scan as well as a link to the results when the scan is completed.

You can close the progress window or navigate away without losing your scan. All active and completed scans can be accessed from your scan queue.

EstiBot automatically converts large result sets to CSV and compresses them for quick download. Please note that most account types are allowed 3 live scans to execute at any given time.

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Appraising Domains:

EstiBot is capable of appraising one domain, or one million domains, depending on your needs and account level.

The amount of data provided with an appraisal is generally the same, but bulk appraisals require that you export the results as CSV or text to view the complete summary. You may input data in any format and EstiBot will automatically parse out all valid domain names.

EstiBot valuates domains based on over thirty internal and external domain attributes.

Internal attributes include such things as domain length, extension, word count and other characteristics directly linked to a specific domain. External attributes refer to third party data such as a domain's search popularity or type-in rank.

The characteristics of a specific domain name are then compared to those of previously sold domain names and the valuation is based on that comparison.

More than anything, EstiBot is here to help you valuate your domain name. It will provide you with an array of information and a ballpark valuation to give you a starting point for your own, critical appraisal of the domain name.

While EstiBot often hits the right ballpark, some estimates may be quite a bit off. Statistically, on an average, EstiBot is quite accurate, but individual appraisals can vary. An automatic valuator will never be able to account for everything, because a domain's value is not a scientific absolute, but depends on countless variables, the most important being the motivation of both the seller and the buyer.

A sample appraisal is provided below:

Estibot automatically detects the keywords within domains for most English and many non-English domain names.

If the correct keywords are not detected correctly, then you'll have the option to change them and re-appraise the domain from the appraisal results page. Remember to reload the appraisal after you've changed the keywords.

If you do not understand some one of the results provided as part of the appraisal, check out our glossary for an explanation of what each term means.

You can also hover your mouse over any result to view its details. For example, hovering your mouse over the ad results will show you a list of ads that come up for the specified keyword or SLD. Hovering over a domain will usually show you a whois record associated with it.

In addition to including various metrics related to the domain the results also include a summary of the web site (if any) and hosting details. Web site statistics are looked up once per every 24 hours for a particular domain, meaning that the data is not older than 24 hours.

If the domain name resolves to a web site or parking page, the following information is displayed:

  • Site title and meta data.
  • Host IP address and an approximate count of how many sites share the same IP address. Hover your mouser over the count to see a reverse-IP output of up to 10 sites sharing the host IP. Click on the link to see up to a thousand sites using our reverse-IP technology.
  • Site resolve time and page size in kilobytes.
  • Number of links and images.
  • Parked status.
  • The status code returned by the site.
  • Host OS, Web Server and Scripting.
  • Use of Adsense, Cookies, CSS, JavaScript.

Bulk Appraisals:

Bulk appraisal results are displayed in two formats based on the amount of data submitted. The default format is HTML which gets displayed in the browser if the number of results is less than 500. You can also export these results to CSV or text later.

Hovering the mouse over any one of the metrics will produce a balloon with details about the specific domain.

If your list contains more than 500 domains then your output will automatically be CSV. The bulk CSV output generally contains a lot more information then the standard CSV or web based output. If you're looking to extract the absolute maximum number of metrics for each domain submit at least 500 and download the CSV file when it's completed.

Bulk appraisals will usually be handled by the queue system. Click here to learn more about how the queue works.

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Researching Domains and Keywords:

In addition to appraising domains, EstiBot is also capable of researching various analytics related to domains or keywords. This feature is accessible from the research tab.

You may have noticed that the research screen looks similar to the appraisal screen, so what's the point? The idea for the research tool is to allow research of domains AND keywords. In other words, if you wanted to check the search popularity or ad counts for a particular keyword, you can use the research tool.

As with all of our tools, you can press the [+] symbol to expand the input box and paste in multiple domains or keywords.

For an explanation of the terms used in the research results please see our glossary.

Checking Domain Availability:

The availability checker tool allows users to check domain names for DNS and live availability in bulk.

DNS level availability checks are extremely fast and they are performed on the zone file which is updated throughout the day. In most cases, tens of thousands of domain names can be checked within just a few seconds across many extensions using the DNS level check.

The major disadvantage of the DNS level checker is that it is generally delayed by about 2-6 hours, meaning that recently registered or dropped domains may not show the correct status.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date domain availability information toggle the availability checker to utilize Live check.

You can hover over registered domain names to view the whois record in a pop-up balloon or click on them to view the full whois record. Available domain names will have a checkmark next to the available extension which you can click and select "Register Selected" to send the specified domain list to your favorite registrar.

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Checking Whois Records:

EstiBot comes equipped with a powerful whois checker capable of extracting and parsing the most important whois data including registrant, emails, registration dates and much more.

The checker is capable of checking up to ten thousand domain names for registry level whois or a single domain name for a full whois record. We can also perform bulk full whois scans for an additional fee.

Bulk whois queries will only return registry level data and can be used on .com/.net only. Other extensions are automatically removed from the list.

A single domain will result in a full whois record being returned, with all of the contact information parsed similar to the results provided below:

The following extensions are currently supported by the whois tool with more extensions being added regularly:

  • .aaa
  • .aarp
  • .abb
  • .abbott
  • .abbvie
  • .abogado
  • .abudhabi
  • .academy
  • .accenture
  • .accountant
  • .accountants
  • .aco
  • .active
  • .actor
  • .adac
  • .ads
  • .adult
  • .aeg
  • .aero
  • .aetna
  • .afl
  • .agakhan
  • .agency
  • .aig
  • .airforce
  • .airtel
  • .akdn
  • .al
  • .alibaba
  • .alipay
  • .allfinanz
  • .ally
  • .alsace
  • .amica
  • .amsterdam
  • .analytics
  • .android
  • .anquan
  • .apartments
  • .app
  • .apple
  • .aquarelle
  • .aramco
  • .archi
  • .army
  • .art
  • .arte
  • .asia
  • .associates
  • .at
  • .attorney
  • .au
  • .auction
  • .audi
  • .audio
  • .author
  • .auto
  • .autos
  • .avianca
  • .aws
  • .axa
  • .azure
  • .baby
  • .baidu
  • .band
  • .bank
  • .bar
  • .barcelona
  • .barclaycard
  • .barclays
  • .barefoot
  • .bargains
  • .bauhaus
  • .bayern
  • .bbc
  • .bbva
  • .bcg
  • .bcn
  • .be
  • .beats
  • .beer
  • .bentley
  • .berlin
  • .best
  • .bet
  • .bharti
  • .bible
  • .bid
  • .bike
  • .bing
  • .bingo
  • .bio
  • .biz
  • .black
  • .blackfriday
  • .blog
  • .bloomberg
  • .blue
  • .bms
  • .bmw
  • .bnl
  • .bnpparibas
  • .boats
  • .boehringer
  • .bom
  • .bond
  • .boo
  • .book
  • .boots
  • .bosch
  • .bostik
  • .bot
  • .boutique
  • .br
  • .bradesco
  • .bridgestone
  • .broadway
  • .broker
  • .brother
  • .brussels
  • .budapest
  • .bugatti
  • .build
  • .builders
  • .business
  • .buy
  • .buzz
  • .bz
  • .bzh
  • .ca
  • .cab
  • .cafe
  • .cal
  • .call
  • .cam
  • .camera
  • .camp
  • .cancerresearch
  • .canon
  • .capetown
  • .capital
  • .car
  • .caravan
  • .cards
  • .care
  • .career
  • .careers
  • .cars
  • .cartier
  • .casa
  • .cash
  • .casino
  • .cat
  • .catering
  • .cba
  • .cbn
  • .cc
  • .ceb
  • .center
  • .ceo
  • .cern
  • .cf
  • .cfa
  • .cfd
  • .ch
  • .chanel
  • .channel
  • .chase
  • .chat
  • .cheap
  • .chloe
  • .christmas
  • .chrome
  • .church
  • .cipriani
  • .circle
  • .cisco
  • .citic
  • .city
  • .cityeats
  • .cl
  • .claims
  • .cleaning
  • .click
  • .clinic
  • .clinique
  • .clothing
  • .cloud
  • .club
  • .clubmed
  • .cn
  • .co
  • .coach
  • .codes
  • .coffee
  • .college
  • .cologne
  • .com
  • .commbank
  • .community
  • .company
  • .compare
  • .computer
  • .comsec
  • .condos
  • .construction
  • .consulting
  • .contact
  • .contractors
  • .cooking
  • .cool
  • .coop
  • .corsica
  • .country
  • .coupon
  • .coupons
  • .courses
  • .credit
  • .creditcard
  • .creditunion
  • .cricket
  • .crown
  • .crs
  • .cruises
  • .csc
  • .cuisinella
  • .cx
  • .cymru
  • .cyou
  • .cz
  • .dabur
  • .dad
  • .dance
  • .date
  • .dating
  • .datsun
  • .day
  • .dclk
  • .dds
  • .de
  • .dealer
  • .deals
  • .degree
  • .delivery
  • .dell
  • .deloitte
  • .delta
  • .democrat
  • .dental
  • .dentist
  • .desi
  • .design
  • .dev
  • .dhl
  • .diamonds
  • .diet
  • .digital
  • .direct
  • .directory
  • .discount
  • .dk
  • .dnp
  • .docs
  • .doctor
  • .dog
  • .doha
  • .domains
  • .doosan
  • .dot
  • .download
  • .drive
  • .dtv
  • .dubai
  • .durban
  • .dvag
  • .earth
  • .eat
  • .eco
  • .edeka
  • .edu
  • .education
  • .email
  • .emerck
  • .energy
  • .engineer
  • .engineering
  • .enterprises
  • .epost
  • .epson
  • .equipment
  • .erni
  • .es
  • .esq
  • .estate
  • .eu
  • .eurovision
  • .eus
  • .events
  • .everbank
  • .exchange
  • .expert
  • .exposed
  • .express
  • .extraspace
  • .fage
  • .fail
  • .fairwinds
  • .faith
  • .family
  • .fan
  • .fans
  • .farm
  • .fashion
  • .fast
  • .feedback
  • .ferrero
  • .fi
  • .film
  • .final
  • .finance
  • .financial
  • .firestone
  • .firmdale
  • .fish
  • .fishing
  • .fit
  • .fitness
  • .flickr
  • .flights
  • .flir
  • .florist
  • .flowers
  • .flsmidth
  • .fly
  • .fm
  • .foo
  • .football
  • .ford
  • .forex
  • .forsale
  • .forum
  • .foundation
  • .fox
  • .fr
  • .fresenius
  • .frl
  • .frogans
  • .frontier
  • .ftr
  • .fund
  • .furniture
  • .futbol
  • .fyi
  • .ga
  • .gal
  • .gallery
  • .gallo
  • .gallup
  • .game
  • .games
  • .garden
  • .gbiz
  • .gdn
  • .gea
  • .gent
  • .genting
  • .ggee
  • .gift
  • .gifts
  • .gives
  • .giving
  • .glass
  • .gle
  • .global
  • .globo
  • .gmail
  • .gmbh
  • .gmo
  • .gmx
  • .gold
  • .goldpoint
  • .golf
  • .goo
  • .goog
  • .google
  • .gop
  • .got
  • .gov
  • .gr
  • .grainger
  • .graphics
  • .gratis
  • .green
  • .gripe
  • .group
  • .guardian
  • .gucci
  • .guge
  • .guide
  • .guitars
  • .guru
  • .hamburg
  • .hangout
  • .haus
  • .hdfcbank
  • .health
  • .healthcare
  • .help
  • .helsinki
  • .here
  • .hermes
  • .hiphop
  • .hitachi
  • .hiv
  • .hk
  • .hkt
  • .hockey
  • .holdings
  • .holiday
  • .homedepot
  • .homes
  • .honda
  • .horse
  • .hospital
  • .host
  • .hosting
  • .hoteles
  • .hotmail
  • .house
  • .how
  • .hr
  • .hsbc
  • .htc
  • .hyundai
  • .ibm
  • .icbc
  • .ice
  • .icu
  • .ifm
  • .iinet
  • .imamat
  • .immo
  • .immobilien
  • .in
  • .industries
  • .infiniti
  • .info
  • .ing
  • .ink
  • .institute
  • .insurance
  • .insure
  • .int
  • .international
  • .investments
  • .io
  • .ipaddress
  • .ipiranga
  • .ir
  • .irish
  • .is
  • .iselect
  • .ismaili
  • .ist
  • .istanbul
  • .it
  • .itau
  • .iwc
  • .jaguar
  • .java
  • .jcb
  • .jcp
  • .jetzt
  • .jewelry
  • .jlc
  • .jll
  • .jmp
  • .jnj
  • .jobs
  • .joburg
  • .jot
  • .joy
  • .jp
  • .jpmorgan
  • .jprs
  • .juegos
  • .kaufen
  • .kddi
  • .kerryhotels
  • .kerrylogistics
  • .kerryproperties
  • .kfh
  • .kia
  • .kim
  • .kinder
  • .kitchen
  • .kiwi
  • .koeln
  • .komatsu
  • .kpmg
  • .kpn
  • .kr
  • .krd
  • .kred
  • .kuokgroup
  • .ky
  • .kyoto
  • .kz
  • .la
  • .lacaixa
  • .lamborghini
  • .lamer
  • .lancaster
  • .land
  • .landrover
  • .lanxess
  • .lasalle
  • .lat
  • .latrobe
  • .law
  • .lawyer
  • .lds
  • .lease
  • .leclerc
  • .legal
  • .lexus
  • .lgbt
  • .li
  • .liaison
  • .lidl
  • .life
  • .lifeinsurance
  • .lifestyle
  • .lighting
  • .like
  • .limited
  • .limo
  • .lincoln
  • .linde
  • .link
  • .lipsy
  • .live
  • .living
  • .lixil
  • .loan
  • .loans
  • .locker
  • .locus
  • .lol
  • .london
  • .lotte
  • .lotto
  • .love
  • .ltd
  • .ltda
  • .lupin
  • .luxe
  • .luxury
  • .lv
  • .ly
  • .madrid
  • .maif
  • .maison
  • .makeup
  • .man
  • .management
  • .mango
  • .market
  • .marketing
  • .markets
  • .marriott
  • .mba
  • .me
  • .med
  • .media
  • .meet
  • .melbourne
  • .meme
  • .memorial
  • .men
  • .menu
  • .meo
  • .metlife
  • .miami
  • .microsoft
  • .mil
  • .mini
  • .ml
  • .mlb
  • .mls
  • .mma
  • .mobi
  • .mobily
  • .moda
  • .moe
  • .moi
  • .mom
  • .monash
  • .money
  • .montblanc
  • .mormon
  • .mortgage
  • .moscow
  • .motorcycles
  • .mov
  • .movie
  • .movistar
  • .mtn
  • .mtpc
  • .mtr
  • .museum
  • .mutual
  • .mutuelle
  • .mx
  • .my
  • .nadex
  • .nagoya
  • .name
  • .natura
  • .navy
  • .nec
  • .net
  • .netbank
  • .network
  • .neustar
  • .new
  • .news
  • .next
  • .nextdirect
  • .nexus
  • .ng
  • .ngo
  • .nhk
  • .nico
  • .nikon
  • .ninja
  • .nissan
  • .nissay
  • .nl
  • .no
  • .nokia
  • .northwesternmutual
  • .norton
  • .nowruz
  • .nowtv
  • .nra
  • .nrw
  • .ntt
  • .nyc
  • .obi
  • .office
  • .okinawa
  • .olayan
  • .olayangroup
  • .ollo
  • .omega
  • .one
  • .ong
  • .onl
  • .online
  • .ooo
  • .oracle
  • .orange
  • .org
  • .organic
  • .orientexpress
  • .origins
  • .osaka
  • .otsuka
  • .ott
  • .ovh
  • .page
  • .pamperedchef
  • .panerai
  • .paris
  • .pars
  • .partners
  • .parts
  • .party
  • .passagens
  • .pccw
  • .pet
  • .ph
  • .pharmacy
  • .philips
  • .photo
  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .physio
  • .piaget
  • .pics
  • .pictet
  • .pictures
  • .pid
  • .pin
  • .ping
  • .pink
  • .pizza
  • .pk
  • .pl
  • .place
  • .play
  • .playstation
  • .plumbing
  • .plus
  • .pohl
  • .poker
  • .porn
  • .praxi
  • .press
  • .pro
  • .prod
  • .productions
  • .prof
  • .progressive
  • .promo
  • .properties
  • .property
  • .protection
  • .pt
  • .pub
  • .pw
  • .pwc
  • .qpon
  • .quebec
  • .quest
  • .racing
  • .read
  • .realtor
  • .realty
  • .recipes
  • .red
  • .redstone
  • .redumbrella
  • .rehab
  • .reise
  • .reisen
  • .reit
  • .ren
  • .rent
  • .rentals
  • .repair
  • .report
  • .republican
  • .rest
  • .restaurant
  • .review
  • .reviews
  • .rexroth
  • .rich
  • .richardli
  • .ricoh
  • .rio
  • .rip
  • .rocher
  • .rocks
  • .rodeo
  • .room
  • .rsvp
  • .ru
  • .ruhr
  • .run
  • .rwe
  • .ryukyu
  • .sa
  • .saarland
  • .safe
  • .safety
  • .sakura
  • .sale
  • .salon
  • .samsung
  • .sandvik
  • .sandvikcoromant
  • .sanofi
  • .sap
  • .sapo
  • .sarl
  • .sas
  • .saxo
  • .sbi
  • .sbs
  • .sca
  • .scb
  • .schaeffler
  • .schmidt
  • .scholarships
  • .school
  • .schule
  • .schwarz
  • .science
  • .scor
  • .scot
  • .se
  • .seat
  • .security
  • .seek
  • .select
  • .sener
  • .services
  • .seven
  • .sew
  • .sex
  • .sexy
  • .sfr
  • .sg
  • .sharp
  • .shaw
  • .shell
  • .shia
  • .shiksha
  • .shoes
  • .shop
  • .shopping
  • .shouji
  • .show
  • .shriram
  • .sina
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  • .xn--pssy2u
  • .xn--q9jyb4c
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  • .xn--rhqv96g
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  • .xn--ses554g
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Checking Domain Sales History:

EstiBot crawls various domain sales feeds on an hourly basis and updates our database to reflect the latest domain name sales.

In addition to constantly crawling various sales feeds, we also store over 100,000 previous domain sales and make the database searchable using various parameters.

You can search our database using a single keyword or domain or by providing a list of keywords or domains. You can also specify such parameters. as extension, domain length sales price and much more in order to narrow down your exact match.

We also provide a live report on the most recent sales. It is accessible by clicking on the "Recent Sales" button from the domain sales history tool.

As with all results, you can hover over the links to view details. Hovering over the Whois link produces a balloon with registrant details. You can also export all results to text or CSV.

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Checking Advertiser Keyword Bids and Search Volumes:

Keyword search volume and CPC details are an important indicator of possible domain traffic and revenue.

Our latest tool allows you to perform single or bulk keyword lookups to extract average search volumes and CPC data from search aggregate providers.

The tool supports loading in domains or keywords. If domains are loaded, they are automatically parsed to keywords first and then looked up. If you do not want this, only load keywords.

Results can be further analyzed for monthly trends by clicking on the appropriate keyword.

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Parsing Domains from Raw Data:

One of the core features of EstiBot is the ability to instantly parse extremely large data sets and extract valid domain names from any input.

Virtually all tools that allow domain input are equipped with our parser, meaning that whether you're appraising domains, checking whois or running filters, you can paste in whatever data you want and our parsers will automatically extract valid domain names.

Note, the keyword parser and the domain parser are two different tools.

The parser is usually limited to 1MB files. A higher limit is available upon request.

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Parsing Keywords from Domains:

EstiBot is the only online tool that can instantly parse domains into words.

Our parser currently works best with english language domains, however we have limited support for multi-language dictionaries. We will soon integrate full multi-language support with a probability matrix that will identify not only the words within a domain name but also the language and category.

The keyword parser will also provide search volume and CPC lookups as part of the results.

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Applying Filters to Domain Lists:

The EstiBot domain filter allows you to input any list that may contain domain names and filter it to only those domains that meet your exact criteria.

For example, if you had a raw list of 50,000 domains and wanted to extract only those domains that are exactly two characters (ex: you could apply the length filter and instantly see only two character domains.

Many other filter parameters. exist including a custom keyword list. By loading in a set of keywords the filter tool will automatically remove domains not matching your filter criteria.

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Using the Instant Type-in Tool:

EstiBot allows bulk access to our type-in checker which can predict domain type-ins based on archived Overture data.

Our database encompasses several years of Overture data. The results provided by EstiBot are monthly averages of scores from 2006 and 2007. We keep detailed Overture stats on over 100 million domain names.

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Converting IDNs:

EstiBot is capable of converting domains from original encoding to puny code and in reverse. This feature is available via the IDN tool.

The IDN tool supports all encoding. If you are not seeing the native encoding after conversion it usually means that either you have not enabled the specified encoding in your operating system (ex: Windows XP needs Arabic encoding) or in your browser (ex: FireFox).

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Generating Domain Typos:

Protect your brand by generating and registering typos of your domain name. Our typo advanced typo generator uses multiple methods to generate a wide range of typos for any domain.

You may submit up to a thousand domains from which typos will be generated. The output is provided in text format, with the option of being saved to CSV. You can also instantly check the type-in rank and availability of your newly generated typos.

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Generating Domains from Raw Lists:

The domain generator tool will generate domains from other domains or keywords. In other words, if you have a list of keywords to which you wanted to append some extension, ex, .com, you can use the domain generator for this.

You can also provide a list of domains, and from that list generate only domains with a specific extension. For example, you can input a list of 10,000's and generate a list of 10,000's.

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Generating Domains using the Idea Tool:

The domain idea tool is the enhanced equivalent of the previous long tail tool. This tool is great for finding unregistered domains with traffic or resale value.

Simply enter a keyword, specify where you want the keyword to be located in the domain name – beginning, middle or end – and choose the number of matches to check anywhere from 500 to 10,000 search terms at a time.

The results show the available domain names with the extracted keyword phrase, along with much of the same data as you get in the Bulk Appraisal Tool (see manual). Now, just click on any of the column titles to sort the list as needed.

You register domains you like by placing a checkmark next to each one and clicking on the "Register Selected" button. A new window will open and allow you to register the selected domains at your favorite registrar.

Please note that the results include DNS level availability and archived metrics and may not reflect live data, so make sure you check the live data before making any business decisions.

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Generating End-User Leads for your Domains:

One of the most powerful features of the new EstiBot is the ability to generate end-user leads for any domain name. This patent pending technology was created to help domainers find real businesses that may have a direct need for their domains.

THE PROBLEM: It's a known fact that the most successful domainers sell domains to end-users. Unfortunately, finding end-users is time consuming and resource intensive. As a result, most domainers simply end up selling their domains to others in the industry for minimal profit.

THE SOLUTION: Our lead generator is fully automated. All you have to do is provide a domain name and within a few minutes it will generate a list of end-users that may be interested in purchasing it. On top of it, we provide all the automated tools necessary to instantly contact the leads with your offer. The process that once took hours to complete now takes just seconds.

Generating quality leads is resource intensive, but the results save hours of works. Here is what you get with every lead:

  • Developed Sites & Businesses - No parked or unresolving domains. Only sites which appear to be developed businesses are listed. This requires that our backend crawls each and every possible lead. In most cases, crawling thousands of possible leads is very time consuming but when scaled over several dozen servers this process is almost instantaneous.
  • Site Title, Description, Keywords, Hosting - We provide a detailed report of each lead domain with the site title, keywords (if available), description (if available) and hosting details that include the IP and a list of other domains hosted on the same IP. This saves you precious time on clicking and researching each domain individually
  • Search Volumes, CPC and Average Ad Costs - If the lead source was search ads, we'll tell you the keyword search volume, CPC and even daily and monthly ad cost averages.
  • Lead Domain Age, Pagerank and Alexa Score - These metrics can be used to identify how active a particular lead site is.
  • Owner Contact Details - Full contact details including e-mail addresses and phone numbers are automatically extracted and provided for your convenience.

A sample lead is provided below:

The lead generator was created to sell domains in the $150 - $2,500 price range to small businesses. Our experience indicates that the highest sell through rate occurs at $175 and that the best buyers are small businesses that own and operate sites on similar domains.

There are three primary modes of generating leads, they include:

  1. Search Based Leads - This mode will generate leads based on advertisers found for various keywords related to your domain name. For example, if you owned "", the lead generator would pull advertisers who advertise for "instant car insurance quotes", "car insurance quotes", "automobile insurance" and much more. It would also pull up a list of sites that appear on the various search engines that utilize inferior domains.
  2. DNS Based Leads - This mode will generate leads based similar domain names. For example, if you own "" then the lead generator will pull domains such as "cheapcarinsurancequotes", "", and many others. These domains are later crawled to ensure they are not parked and are actively used. This method usually yields a high number of results and we trim it down to 200 leads max.
  3. Mixed Mode - Uses a combination of the two methods to generate both Search Based Leads and DNS Based Leads. This is the recommended mode.

Contacting a lead is easy. The first step is that you add an e-mail account to your profile. The great thing about our contact feature is that you can utilize ANY e-mail provider including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and even your own SMTP mail server. This means that you can use your own email account to contact leads from within the EstiBot leads page with no extra work!

For privacy reasons, we do not store your e-mail passwords, but we do store your login and SMTP server. You can even import multiple email accounts and send offers from a different e-mail address by selecting it from the drop down box.

We strongly recommend creating a new Gmail or Hotmail account to use with this feature. A sample lead e-mail screen is displayed below:

For privacy reasons, EstiBot does not access your email to check the status of sent offers so you will have to check your email to see if your offer was responded to. At this time we do not offer an escrow service but we do recommend

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Using the Direct Match Network:

The direct match network matches buyers, sellers and brokers using a set of sophisticated filters. Anyone using EstiBot can create a filter based on domains they're interested in.

DMN is anonymous and fully automated. The buyer is not aware of the matches until the seller agrees to notify the buyer. The seller is not aware of who the buyer is until the buyer wants to share his/her details.

The "network" part implies that the matches are not limited to EstiBot, but rather to the entire DomainPlex network which connects drop list feeds, forums and many other sites and services that utilize the DomainPlex API.

For example, when match is made on EstiBot, the following message is shown:

The match making works in two distinct modes:

  1. It matches Buyers with Sellers
  2. It matches Sellers with Brokers

So who are the buyers and sellers?

Unlike our end-user tool, this tool was designed to match buyers and sellers within our industry. That means that anyone interested in buying, selling or brokering a domain name can be a match.

For example, if you appraise a domain and see the "Do you own this domain name" message (above) and wish to sell it, then you are a seller.

All you have to do to become a buyer and receive instant (or daily) match notifications is create a filter based on the domains you're interested in. Our filtering technology is extremely flexible, and allows a buyer to filter by virtually any parameter including:

  • Minimum / Maximum price
  • Data Source (ex: appraisals, forums, drop lists)
  • Extension
  • Domain Length, Dashes, Numbers
  • Word count (ex: one word generics)
  • Keyword & SLD Search Volumes
  • Keyword & SLD Search CPC
  • Search Results
  • Ad Counts
  • Alexa
  • Pagerank
  • Up to 1,000 custom keywords

A partial filter view is provided below:

When a match is made, the potential buyer(s) are alerted via email. A buyer may chose to be notified only once per day (instead of instantly) so it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response.

Sellers can check the status of the notification and see if the buyer had viewed their offer from the "My Sent Offers" window.

Buyers can respond in one of three ways, interested, not interested or possibly interested by clicking on the appropriate button from the "Offers Received" window.

All communication is done via our integrated communication system. Additionally, the buyer and seller can communicate via e-mail if they want to. The communication system was created for the purpose of privacy to protect the identity of the buyer and seller. In most cases, the seller can be determined by checking the whois record of the domain, but the buyer may wish to remain completely anonymous.

Once a deal is reached the buyer and seller can proceed to the payment and transfer process. While we do not provide assistance in this set, we do recommend EscrowDNS for the final step of the transaction.

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Business Locator:

This tool lets you instantly find businesses that have the same business name or acronym as your domain. This extremely valuable tool will help you find potential buyers for your domain names.

Unlike the end-user tool, the Business Locator typically finds businesses that do not yet have an online presence.

In addition to searching by your domain or a business name, you can also search by region (city/state/zip/county) as well as industry (ex: oil, communications, etc).

The Business Locator allows for searching in three different ways.

my domain - This search mode will split your domain name into words, and search for those words and their acronyms in the business database. For example, if your domain name was "" then the tool would attempt to find business that have "houston car rental" as it's name.

business name - This search mode will perform a wildcard search on all 13,000,000 businesses for the specified keyword. You can limit the scope of the search by selecting a state, city, or industry.

acronym - This search will find businesses that use a particular keyword as their acronym. For example, a business called "Houston Affordable Car Repair" would turn into "HACR" and can be matched with your short domain names (such as

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Accessing Previous Reports:

For your convenience, all recent queries are stored in a repository that is cleared every seven days. This includes single domain scans as well as bulk scans.

You can view any previous report by clicking on it. Reports are automatically deleted after 7 days unless you manually specify to keep it longer. Optionally, you can clear all reports by clicking the "Clear All Reports" button.

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EstiBot Affiliate Program:

The newest addition to EstiBot is our affiliate program.

Any registered member (even free members) can refer new users and earn a recurring commission for every month the referred member is an active paid subscriber.

Best of all, our cookies don't expire so if you recommend someone and they sign up a month or year from now you still get the credit.

For more information on our affiliate program and to get your link codes please here.

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Accessing Estibot via API:

All tools available on are also available via API calls on the DomainPlex network.

If you are interested in appraising domain names using our API, click here for EstiBot API information. If you are interested in performing other API calls including appraisal, whois, DNS, lead generation and more via the DomainPlex network please contact us.

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Glossary of Terms:

We strongly recommend getting familiar with some of the terms used on our web site.

  • TLD - The extension of a domain name. Ex, if the domain was the extension would be ".com" without quotes.
  • SLD - The domain minus the extension. Ex, if the domain was the SLD would be "fastcars" without quotes.
  • Keywords - The actual words extracted from a domain. Ex, if the domain was, the keywords would be "fast cars" without quotes.
  • Search Volume / Searches - The number of searches a particular SLD or Keyword receives at the major search engines. Usually measured in searches per month unless otherwise specified. These results are provided in two flavors, the [exact] search volume and the broad search volume. Ex, if the keyword is "fast cars" then the exact result would only include searches for "fast cars" and not "fast cars pictures" or "really fast cars", which would be classified as a broad match. Provided as average of searches at the three major search engines.
  • CPC - The average cost per click a particular SLD or Keyword receives. Usually measured in dollars unless otherwise specified. These results are provided in two flavors, the [exact] CPC and the broad CPC. Ex, if the keyword is "fast cars" then the exact result would only include CPC data for "fast cars" and not "fast cars pictures" or "really fast cars", which would be classified as a broad match. Provided as average of cost at the three major search engines.
  • Ad Competition - The competitive rank of the ads based on a 1-100 score, with 100 being very competitive.
  • Popular Month - The month in which this keyword or SLD receives the highest search volume
  • Search Trends - The last twelve months of search volumes for the specified keyword.
  • Search Results / SERP - The number of search results that are displayed for the specific keyword or SLD. Results are always for "phrase" match unless specified otherwise. This means that the term is surrounded by quotes when the lookup is performed.
  • Ad Results / Ads - The number of ads that are displayed for the specific keyword or SLD. Results are always for "phrase" match unless specified otherwise. This means that the term is surrounded by quotes when the lookup is performed.
  • Alexa - The traffic rank or traffic reach for a particular domain as provided by Alexa.
  • Overture / OVT - The archived Overture score for either the SLD or for the domain with extension. Overture domain score can be used to predict domain type-ins
  • Wordtracker / WTC - The word tracker search score for the specified keyword.
  • Pagerank - The Google pagerank for the specified domain.

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