Domain Lead Generator & End-User Finder Tool

This tool locates end user buyers for your domains and allows you to instantly contact them with an offer.

How does it work?

The lead generator tool does exactly what a professional broker does, it performs comprehensive research and generates lists of potential buyers for your domains. The only difference is our tool does this in under 3 minutes, while the same process done manually takes weeks.

Feature Overview:

  • Instantly checks 140+ million domain names and analyzes them for usage
  • Instantly finds developed sites that could benefit from your domain
  • Instantly finds advertisers already spending money on keywords related to your domain
  • Instantly finds offline business that match your domain name and can benefit from an online presence
  • Pulls web site details, whois contact information, and business information
  • Contact potential buyers with a click of a button, using templated or customer offer letters

Tired of waiting for offers?

Stop waiting for some marketplace with millions of domain names in their inventory to sell your domains. Take an active role in selling your inventory by contacting potential buyers yourself!

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