Privacy Policy

At Estibot, we value your privacy and believe in keeping all of your information confidential. We also believe in staying true to the core of our business, which is domain appraisals.

We do not use any information obtained from EstiBot queries to register or backorder domains for ourselves or any one of our sister or parent companies. Our business is in providing information and appraisals only.

We do not under ANY circumstances engage in:

  • Selling or distributing personal information
  • Selling or distributing information obtained from EstiBot queries
  • Domain registration resulting from information obtained from EstiBot queries
  • Spam or promotion of third party services

Data Collected

Various user data is collected by EstiBot. Data such as name, address, and credit card information is collected for the purpose of subscription activation, subscription renewal, and service transactions (such as domain registrations).

Data such as query logs and cookie sessions are collected for the purpose of tracking affiliate sales and ensuring compliance with the terms of use agreement.

We also log queries made to specific tools (such as the appraiser). These logs serve as a temporary cache to ensure that future lookups are performed faster and with higher levels of efficiency.

Data Security

Our data resides at a local data center facility on EstiBot owned or leased servers. We take serious measures to ensure that our data is not accessible by unauthorized individuals. Backups of data are updated regularly and backup drives are kept in a bank vault.

Sharing Monetization Data allows users to provide access to their monetization accounts (parking providers) in order to enhance the value of their domains.

EstiBot uses automated scripts to login and download statistics from various parking providers. EstiBot downloads, at a minimum, the last 90 days of statistics for all domains in the customers parking account. The downloaded data is used to compute a "bonus" appraisal value which is added to the standard EstiBot appraisal. In some cases, EstiBot may download the last 12 months of statistics for all domains in the customers parking account. Since most parked domains receive very little traffic and revenue on a daily basis, EstiBot may require up to 12 months of monetization data to generate an accurate monetization appraisal.

EstiBot looks at more than just the domain's revenue to compute the monetization appraisal. Other data, such as hits, uniques, clicks, searches, RPM, RPC, keywords, categories, offers and all other data provided by the parking provider is downloaded, analyzed and stored by EstiBot. In cases where a user provides access to their account, EstiBot will automatically download and access all monetization accounts linked to the account. Since EstiBot generally uses the last 30-90 days of monetization statistics to derive its monetization appraisal, it is required to download new monetization data daily.

You can permanently disable and remove any and all parking accounts and prevent EstiBot from downloading monetization data in the future by settings the account status to "Disabled" or by removing the monetization provider from the Parking Provider Management Panel page.

EstiBot reserves the right to use the parking information obtained from its customers to enhance its appraisal algorithm, derive domain traffic and prediction models, analyze parking provider performance and to create services which may present the data in various formats.

EstiBot values your privacy and will never share, resell, publish or distribute any information which may link you to the domains in your parking account. Estibot will furthermore never share, resell, publish or distribute any individual domain statistics (e.g. revenue, traffic) without the domain owner's explicit written permission.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us.