$ 7,900 USD
EstiBot fair market value.

Domain homewindow.com
Keywords home window
Language English
Registrar GODADDY

    Why it's valuable:

  • Great Extension: .com has the highest resale value
  • Popular Term: home window receives over 487 searches per month on Google®
  • Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $8 per click to advertise under home window
  • Low Interest: popular extensions, including .net and .org appear to be available


Domain Price Date
darkcastle.com $7,500 USD 2017-09-26
eventhouse.com $6,900 USD 2016-07-15
omahahomes.com $6,400 USD 2015-02-04
homeclinic.com $9,000 USD 2013-03-13
realtyinfo.com $7,000 USD 2013-09-23


Search Overview
SERP TERM 1,570,000
SERP SLD 16,700
Ads TERM -
Ads SLD 11

Traffic Rank
Alexa® Traffic Rank -
Google® Page Rank 0

Type-in Score
Overture Domain 0
Overture SLD 0
Overture Term 15
Word Tracker -


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