How does EstiBot appraise domains?
EstiBot uses a vast amount of data, including but not limited to previous sales data, keyword data, CPC data, type-in data along with a statistically generated algorithm to arrive at the most accurate domain value. Check out our methodology page for details.
What are the advantages of becoming a member?
Becoming a member allows you to access more tools (such as end-user lead generator) and have much higher query limits than guest accounts (up to 50,000 queries per day).
What are the differences between the various account types?
Account types can be compared by clicking here.
What's the difference between a professional appraisal and an automated appraisal?
Professional appraisals are completed by our experienced human appraisers. Extensive research is done to determine the most accurate price for a particular domain. If you are interested in knowing the true value of your domain, we strongly recommend ordering a professional appraisal. Automated appraisals, as the name implies, are appraisals performed automatically using our proprietary algorithm.
Can I login to my account from multiple PCs at the same time?
Only Enterprise account types can login from multiple locations simultaneously.
I need to appraise a large number of domains, can I do it on EstiBot?
Sure! You may submit large domain lists to the bulk appraisal tool. The bulk appraisal tool limits are based on your account type. If your list is extremely large (ex: 5,000 to 100 million domains) please contact us for a portfolio appraisal. We can appraise portfolios of any size. Additionally, you may be interested in our Enterprise Services.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Your account will remain active and usable until it expires, at which time you will NOT be renewed. You can also reactivate your subscription at any time.
Is there a contract or minimum committment?
No contract. All subscriptions renew automatically until canceled. You can cancel at any time.
What payment methods are accepted for subscriptions?
We currently accept PayPal as well as non-paypal payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
How often are subscriptions rebilled?
We offer many different subscription levels (ex: monthly, yearly). Your renewal frequency depends on your subscription duration.
I'm not satisfied with the service, can I request a refund?
You are allowed one free appraisal per day, as well as access to many features. As a result, a refund is not available.
How does the affiliate program work?
Affiliates earn a recurring cut from every paid user they refer. The actual percentage depends on the volume of users sent per month, but the base rate is 25% of all paid memberships. This means that you earn at least 25% per month per every user you refer. The longer your referrers stay, the more you earn.
How do affiliates get paid?
We currently pay once per month using PayPal. You must update your paypal payment address in the settings page to receive payment.
How long do the affiliate cookies last?
Cookies last for one year. This means that if the person you referred via your affiliate link signs up within a year, you get the credit for it.
Where can I check my affiliate stats?
Login to your account and click on the affiliate link from the member home page or home page
Where can I get my affiliate links?
Ensure that you are logged in (your name should be displayed in the top right corner of the page) and click here.
What are the acceptable promotion methods?
You may promote the service using any method you wish except spam. Accounts reported as spam will be terminated without payment.
An affiliate sale is marked as $0 or negative, what does that mean?
A zero sale usually indicates a fraud transaction which we refunded. A negative sale indicates that the previous payment was reversed by the credit card company or PayPal and we lost the funds.
Where can I learn about the API program and implementation?
Check out our API page for detailed information on how to use our API.
What are the daily query limits for the API?
Query limits are based on account type (ex: domainer, domainer pro, etc) and are described here. Daily limits are reset at 12 AM USC.
Are the daily query limits shared between the API and the web interface?
Yes. Queries made using the API and standard lookups on the web site interface are combined in the daily query total.
How do I increase my daily query limit?
To increase your daily query limit you may upgrade your account type. If you still require a higher limit contact us for special pricing on high volume lookups.
Where can I check daily query usage?
You may check your daily query usage by clicking here.
I would like to check whois, research and other metrics using the API, can I?
The EstiBot API feeds off the DomainPlex API. For high volume queries, whois lookups, and much more contact us to obtain a DomainPlex API test account.