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The EstiBot marketplace is a service that connects domain buyers and sellers.

While all sellers are active EstiBot customers and are verified using an automated phone verification system and sometimes GPS based methods, buyers are not verified and are the responsibility of the seller. By filling out the form below, you agree to purchase the domain for USD $888.

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Can I cancel the purchase later?

Yes. You will be able to cancel the escrow process at a later time, however this is not recommended since someone else can buy the domain.

Will I be able to communicate with the seller?

Yes. After you click the "BUY NOW" button above, we will notify the seller that a transaction has started. We will also notify an escrow agent Payoneer Escrow and initiate an escrow transaction.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payoneer Escrow currently accepts PayPal as well as non-paypal payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express and bank transfers.

Does the seller still own the domain?

We verify domain possession at the time of listing and when a new transaction is started. After you click on "BUY NOW" above we will initiate a request to verify possession once again.

Is the seller verified in some way?

Yes, all sellers are active and paying EstiBot customers and must verify their identity via automated phone number verification and sometimes GPS coordinate verification.

What is Payoneer Escrow?

Payoneer Escrow is a licensed escrow company specializing in domain transactions. We are not in any way affiliated with Payoneer Escrow and we do not receive any referral revenue from them.

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