Tools and Services

Account Tools
My Account
Access and change your profile and subscription information.
My Scan Queue
Download completed bulk scans and check active scan progress.
My Settings
View and edit various settings related to your account.
Essential Tools
Domain Name Appraiser
Instantly appraise one or more domain names.
Domain Parser
Parse out valid domain names from any input (ex: text, csv, html).
Keyword Parser
Extract keyword and language information from within a domain.
Advertiser Bid Tool
Lookup keyword bids and search volumes in bulk.
Trademark Analyzer
Analyze domains for trademark probability and risk.
Availability Checker
Check domain names for availability in bulk.
Appraised Drop Lists
View domains scheduled to drop or auction today with appraisal.
Domain Sales History
Search and view latest domain name sales updated hourly.
Bulk Whois
Search whois on domains or IP addresses.
Lead Generator
Generate lists of end users that may be interested in your domain.
Business Locator
Search over 13 million businesses that need a domain.
Domain Categorizer
Instantly categorize domain names in bulk.
Brainstorming Tools
Domain Idea Tool
Generate domains based on keyword data and search results.
Domain Generator
Generate domains from keyword lists.
Typo Generator
Generate typos and view various stats instantly.
Instant Type-in Tool
Check the type-in rank of domains based on Overture.
Domain Filter
Filter out lists of domains to meet your specific criteria.
IDN Converter
Convert IDNs to domains and vice versa.
Domain Permutator
Generate letter permutations for domain names.
Reverse IP
See all domains that resolve to a certain IP.
Keyword Density Analyzer
Show most popular keywords in a list.
Site Links
Affiliate Program
Monthly recurring payouts on all active subscribers. Join today.
API Access
Instantly appraise domains through our simple API interface.
Professional Appraisals
Let our experienced staff valuate your domain name.
Site Map
View our site map.
User's Guide
Learn about our appraisal engine and how to best utilize it.
Bulk Word Updater
Perform bulk word correction on incorrectly parsed domains.